Update to latest CMSIS/DSP?

Anyone know how to compile with the latest CMSIS (or DSP standalone) library?

Newer functions for processing FFT in the new library version.

CMSIS is on version 5.9.0 and DSP is on version 1.15.0.

If not possible, do devs know when the next board core release will include these updates?

To use the latest CMSIS and DSP libraries (v5.9.0 and v1.15.0) in your project, download them from the official ARM repositories on GitHub.

Visit the CMSIS repository (github. com/ARM-software/CMSIS) and the DSP library repository (github. om/ARM-software/CMSIS-DSP), and fetch the latest versions.

Then, integrate these libraries into your project by including the necessary headers and source files, and update your build system (e.g., Makefile or CMake) to link against them.

Ensure your development toolchain is compatible, and adapt your code to leverage any new functions or improvements introduced in the updated libraries.

Let me know if this work for you or not. Thannks.

The link points to https://uk49spredictions.com/ !