update of 2.7B with win10

Hello World !

I am new on this forum and for my first message, I will explain a little problem on which I work for 2 days now…

So, first, you need to know that I have a ds203 (quad) with hw2.7B and windows 10 (omg !! :slight_smile:)

2 days ago, I managed to update my dso but how amazed I was when I saw that my windows can’t recognize the dfu of my quad. After some readings on the net, I understood that the dfu version was the problem and so planned to update it with a newer one (3.45C).

Thus, I used a usb to ttl converter of a xbee adaptator and do the update with the 3.45C dfu. I restarted the dso and… holl** cr**, the hardware had changed on the splash screen, showing 2.81 with FPGA error. I thought it was the FPGA but quickly, I saw that it was impossible to fix it unless I downgrade the dfu to the ancient one (incompatible with w10 or 8 or 8.1 even 7)

Therefor I have two questions (actually 2,5 questions):

  • Is there a way to implement the dfu 3.45 without affecting the fpga and the reste (hw showed version for instance) ?
    -If no, can I even though update the system (is B164 compatible ?) and install new app (wildcat and/or gabonator) ?

Thank You in advance



It requires some corresponding modifications to the old firmware.

Windows 10 seemed to need a later DFU than was available for the older 2.7 systems to do updates. Although there was mention of a DFU update I suspect that might be sometime never. Previously I had used an older Win 7 machine but found the following method works although obviously a bit more convoluted than a simple copy.

  1. Restart Windows 10 machine in safe mode. This is trickier than it seems as MS seems to have eliminated the F8 key method. Instead hold down Shift key when doing restart then Select Troubleshoot>Advanced Options>Start Up Settings. Then do Restart. When menu appears select Safe Mode (no networking)

  2. Put DSO into DFU mode. Plug into USB port and the DFU disk will then appear. Note drive letter (e.g. D:)

  3. Use a cmd window and copy path\app1.hex D: where path is where to find the firmware file. You may be able to use Explorer for this step but I find the copy method more reliable

  4. Wait until completed (maybe 10 seconds)

  5. Explorer should now show normal .rdy file

  6. Restart Windows 10 to return to normal