update firmware of rfbee-uartsbee

hi all,
I want to upload the rfbee firmware-I follow everything from datasheet, but the compilation (with arduino soft) gives me this:

In file included from /Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/Arduino.h:193,
from RFBEE.cpp:29:
/Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/HardwareSerial.h:63: error: conflicting return type specified for ‘virtual void HardwareSerial::write(uint8_t)’
/Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/Print.h:48: error: overriding ‘virtual size_t Print::write(uint8_t)’

would some of you know about this trouble ?
thanks in advance,

hi , it‘s a pity that your description was not clear enough. Or you can just send me your source code , maybe I can find what happen. :smiley:

Really impressed! Everything is very, very clear, open is a description of the problem. It contains the information.