update DFU


I just receive my DSO Quad (Hardware 2.72, SYS 1.60, APP Plus A1 V1.10).
I would like to add Gabonator and Pawn but like other (most?) peoples the DFU mode doesn’t works. I try on 2 computers with Windows XP, Windows 8.1 (x64) and Linux. Sometime I have a 0kB drive displayed sometime it’s 492kB but with an error when I copy the .hex file.

My DFU version is V3.13C, is it the last version and if no how to upgrade it?
Is it a special DFU or the standard STM32 DFU, in this case who display the message on the screen (the FPGA?)?

I try to find a solution to flash a new firmware.

I found some answer.
To upgrade the DFU I need to use the ISP interface (CN7).

So the remaining questions are:

  • DFU V3.13C is it the last version? If no where to find the last one?
  • Where to find the source code of the DSO Quad DFU?
  • Does someone successfully flash a standard STM DFU and flash DSO application after?

As far as I know the DFU is based on the standard SDK version but is modified to add specific features. I doubt whether the standard one would work, but I haven’t tried that. I have never been able to find the source code of the DFU for any of the versions. DFU 3.13C is later than most. Previous 2.72 owners have reported using 3.12C. Many people, including myself have fairly trouble-free DFU operation so it is not a fundamental problem but more likely linked to the exact OS, hardware, drivers being used.

There is a thread specifically around DFU problems as I’m sure you have seen. It doesn’t come to any final answer but there are a few things in there to try. In particular if you have the symptom of the DFU appearing and then not working as soon as you try to copy a new firmware to it then it is worth looking at the hex file you are loading. I have found that sometimes the DFU is not happy with hex records that are fragmented and I suspect it is not clearing out its buffers correctly when calculating the checksums. Pawn is an example which always fails for me until I re-organised the hex to avoid the fragments and then it loaded fine.

Thank you for your answer bobtidey.
Finaly I found a computer (windows 7 x64) capable to flash firmwares: the last official SYS1.61/APP1.11 (found on the minidso website) + gabonator + pawn.