Unreliable Wio Link Server and phone app

Hi Seedstudio, this is my very first post. I just wanted to say how great is Wio link but I regret to say that the server is very unreliable. As of today I’ve seen many issues like data not being refreshed correctly, bad reading and the worst, the URL at is down.

Also the iPhone App has its own set of issues, the last version broke it and the app was complaining about a custom server which I never set. Then there’s also the issue that sometimes the app gets stuck and it just crashes upon open it and you have to delete it and reinstall it so that it works again.

I would like to see a better option for a custom server and include documentation which honestly the one you have is not clear enough. I work with PHP/MySQL/JavaScript so I would prefer an API and documentation so that I can build my own server. And for the control panel it will be great if there is a Web panel instead of the phone apps which I find unreliable and I believe make things harder.


Hi Carlos,

Thank you for your support.

We will continue to improve server and app.

The custom server docs, here: github.com/Seeed-Studio/Wio_Lin … nt%20Guide.

For lovely web developer, have a Command Line Toolset: github.com/Seeed-Studio/wio-cli
It can add Wiolink, list your Wiolink and display API page url.

Thanks Russ, He do a simple but useful wio board for attach Grove and updated firmware.