Unrecognized Hardware on Win11


I am using Win11 and I have some hardware which is not recognized.

Any ideas of what they are and how to fix the issue?


Hi there,
Have you checked for a system update, I see it’s a fix if it get’s the right windows Update.
Try that.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Yes Thank you I have applied all updates. The Intel Driver assistant is recommending a driver update for Bluetooth and for WiFi but it does not seem related.

@Bruce.Qin would you know?

Some of them turned out to be UART controllers. Now I only have 3 which are not working.
I wonder if they are related to the eMCC which I have disabled.

Disabling eMMC does not affect the recognition of these drivers, you can try reinstalling the drivers.

Thanks @Bruce.Qin I have tried to enable the eMMC and the unrecognized hardware is still there. I have tried reinstalling the drivers and I get an error saying failed to update the driver.

Any other ideas / check I can do?

@PJ_Glasso You can try to install the win10 driver pack.

I did that from the device manager and it did not work. Is there another way to do the install?