UNO with Seeed Touch V1.0

Have tried all the different combinations of libraries for TFT and TouchScreen and the different demo programmes and in every case get a compilation error or multiple errors. As I am using a UNO board are there some parameters that need to be changed in any of the libraries?

An example for using the files linked at the bottom of the Touch WIKI:

touchscreendemo:47: error: ‘XP’ was not declared in this scope.

Same error for ‘YP’, ‘XM’ and ‘YM’.

Adding a section at the start such:

#ifdef UNO
#define YP A2
#define XM A1

results in the same errors (which does not supprise me as I doubt that UNO is in the librairy file).

hi,there are some codes in TFT.cpp
#include “TFT.h”

void TFT::pushData(unsigned char data)
PORTD |= (data<<2);
PORTB |= (data>>6);

#ifdef MEGA

PORTE |= ((data<<4) & (0x30));
PORTG |= ((data<<3) & (0x20));
PORTE |= ((data & 0x08));
PORTH |= ((data>>1) & (0x78));


#ifdef MAPLE

so if you want to add/change some codes,you need modify the file of TFT.h and TFT.cpp.
And our seeeduino is the same with UNO, you need not to modify it.
TFT&TouchScreen (14 KB)

Thank you for the file download. This compiles correctly and uploads. If I use the Serial Monitor function I can see the returned values from the touch screen so that is working. However the screen is white all over and nothing is shown on it. The code seems to me to copy ones touch to the screen as feedback but this is not happening. What else needs changing to make this work with a UNO? Thanks.

Is it possible to get these librarys to work with a UNO? They seem to include for the ST7781R chipset and have some useful additional functions. [ File: Tft_touch_libraries_11252011 ]

hi,did you buy it from Radio Shack,and whether your shield surface is red? If yes,you need a another library to work with it.