uno r3 and canbus shield compability

is uno r3 and can bus shield is compatible?
my uno board is r3 and my can bus shield is v1.0

I tried the sample code but I got ‘Enter setting mode fall’, I suspect there is connection problem with shield and arduino like SPI or something else…

Help is appreciated :bulb:

Hm, maybe you should check which CS pin you have connected. On the board, left of where it is wiritten DIGITAL, you have three jumper pads where it says D10, CS and D9. which one do you have connected?

thank you for your reply. It really helped because I have not made anything related to CS. I saw there is something like jumper there but I don’t know what to do with it.

Could you clarify it please? What do I need to do, and do i need to change something on code side according to that jumper configuration?

Well I dont have the original seeed can bus shield because I built one by myself based on seeed`s schematic so I could be wrong about this. But on my board I connected CS pin to pin 10 on arduino and its working great, so maybe you should try and solder CS and D10 pads together. That way you will give your arduino a CS(chip select).

I saw the pins, that is OK, I will try it. Thank you very much

I checked it again and I saw that it is already connected without soldering. But still I soldered it to be sure, and it is not working :confused:

CS is connected to D10 and I checked the definitions file, also in that configuration it is set as ‘10’.

But still when I try to run any CAN command, I get ‘setting mode fall’.

Help is still appreciated