UNO format - 1284p based Arduino clone

For some time I’ve been building Arduino hardware based projects, and they’re becoming more complex as time goes on.

The inclusion of IP processing (uIP stack) and file systems (ChaN FS) consumes a lot of RAM, in comparison to that available on the Arduino UNO. 2k RAM is never enough. 16k RAM would be so much better.

So why not use a Mega 2560? Well I do, but still the smaller / cheaper form factor, with standardised shields for UNO remains very appealing.

For some time, I’ve been planning this “2012” version of the Arduino UNO which uses the “goldilocks” ATmega1284p MCU at its core, but I don’t have the Eagle skills, nor the PCB / SMD tools to realise this project.

If anyone is prepared to layout the board and assemble SMD versions for sale, then I can contribute
25x ATMEGA1284P-AU 44-TQFP devices for prototyping, and of course reasonable cash money to help with expenses.

Ping me on this board, via sourceforge, or via twitter @fei_li_pu, if you’re interested to help.