Universal Arduino API

I am trying to understand how to write ArduPy Libraries.
The ardupy documentation says “MicroPython uses the universal Arduino API to control the hardware”
Where can I find information on the universal Arduino API?
Who is the developer of ArduPy Libaries? Who and how do I ask my questions about writing ArduPy Libraries?
Any help much appreciated.

@f.mentiplay https://github.com/Seeed-Studio?q=seeed-ardupy&type=&language= There are many examples here.

Hello Baozhu
I assume you work for Seeed. I went to the web site you mentioned. There are only 19 ArduPy Libraries.
All are written by Seed. There are thousands of Arduino libraries but only 19 ArduPy Libraries. I do not think it is unclear how to write an ArduPy Library
There needs to be a clearer guide to help people trying to write ArduPy Libraries.
Kind Regards