Unexpected characters on Serial (WiFi shield 1.1 with WiFly)

Hey all, i’m using the WiFi shield 1.1 with Arduino UNO and the WiFly lib to use the shield.

It is all working but i keep reading some strange characters (here written in red) when i read the Serial output, as follow:

As you can see, is full of useless strange characters.

I tried anything in my quite little knowledge but i’m still getting those chars, can anyone suggest me what may it be?

Here is the code that produce this output:

#include "Wifly.h"
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

const int WiFiRx = 2;
const int WiFiTx = 3;

WiflyClass Wifly(WiFiRx,WiFiTx);

const char WiFiName[] = "[SSIDNAME]";
const char WiFiPassword[] = "[PSW]";

void setup()
  Serial.begin(9600); //Use the hardware serial to communicate with the PC
  Serial.println("***** Init *****");
  Wifly.init();//Initialize the wifishield
  Serial.println("***** Config *****");
  Wifly.setConfig(WiFiName,WiFiPassword); //Here to set the ssid and password of the Router
  Serial.print("***** Joining ");
  Serial.println(" *****");
  Serial.println("***** Check *****");
  Serial.println("***** GO! *****");

(i cutted some useless part)

yes , you will get some mussy code, that’s useless, we have a new library for WIFI, maybe you can refer to it.

Where can I get the rest of the code ?
I’m using the Wifi shield RN 171 on mega 2560 and i get wierd caracters at the console, and by the looks of it i’m not connecting. I’m am running the TCP server, but can’t get it to communicate with arduino.
I’m using the solution wich i saw in another topic of this forum regarding this shield and the mega 2560.
I would like a brief answer.
With no further, Thanks


Where is the new library please ? I have the same issue.