Unbrick DSO QUAD

I have a DSO Quad with H/W 2.60.

It was running SYS 1.41 + APP 2.45

I managed to upgrade it to SYS 1.52 (after a failed update to SYS 1.60) + alterbios 0.4 + APP 2.51.
I should have left it at that though was looking for more functionality.

After an attempt to install PA1_V106.hex , PA1_V113.hex and DSO203v272a1.hex I got left with a system that now reports itself as
DSO mini DSO SYS Ver 1.52
and stays on the boot screen with continuous beep.

I tried varios combinations of loading in the 3 firmwares of SYS 1.52 + alterbios 0.4 and APP 2.51 to no avail. I also attempted to load on WildcatV5.6 though it wasnever convered to a .RDY file.

How can I ‘trick’ this back into realising it is a DSO quad?

Serial number is E029BE9F FWIW


Hi, did you get it working?

You will need to flash, SYS V1.64, APP V1.13 and FPGA V2.61 and perhaps Logo as well. You do not need Alterbios starting with SYS V1.64. If you get .err, you need to try it with PC with Windows 7.