Unanswered questions!

I am new to Seeed Studio and am thinking about trying their PCBA service.

However I’m a bit concerned by the number on unanswered questions in this forum.

Comments invited…

Hey @ben23,

Thanks for your interest on Seeed and post the question. Please allow me to clarify why we have so many unanswered questions in forum.

  1. Technical Support Part
    You might know or not, we have special zone in each product page named “questions and answers”. The questions about the product will have a timely answer there. We plan change the forum into a place where people can communicate with Seeed, with community.

  2. Customer Service
    Our customer service team did not take part in the forum management before which lead to there are quite a lot of problems unsolved. This is our fault and I will arrange team to discuss and work out a way to provide a better service to our customers.

For the PCBA service, we will have the appointed stuff to follow up the whole processing flow, from order taking to delivery. We will do best to provide a satisfied service.

Leslie Liao