Unable to use python drive

I bought a 3 pack of Seeedunio XIAO boards.
Each board locks up when I double press reset to get to the python drive.
Double press reset and python drive pops up on my Windows 10 x64 screen.
Three files are in the directory.
If I try to drag/drop CircuitPython 7 onto the directory… NOTHING happens.
Just a spinning circle and the directory locks up.

If I double press reset, get the drive back and just try to double click on the Index.html file…
Same thing… spinning circle and just locks.

I am using a HIGH quality USB 3.0 to USB C cable on a DIRECT port of my computer (i7).
Also, I have the SAME results doing this thru a hub.

ANYONE have any idea WHY the boards drive locks up and becomes inaccessable?

Are you using XIAO RP2040? If so, you can refer to the tutorial on how to use CircuitPython in XIAO RP2040: https://wiki.seeedstudio.com/XIAO-RP2040-with-CircuitPython/