Unable to use functions defined in .h (Motor Shield V2.0)


I connected the Motor Shield to Arduino UNO which is connected to my Mac. When I tried to upload DCMotorDemo.ino to Arduino, I got a list of errors saying that the motordriver function was not defined. Looks like the .h file was not linked properly. I copied and pasted the content in the .h file to DCMotorDemo.ino but it also did not work. Could anybody please show me the steps to run this demo? Thanks.

I stored the files in:

Macintosh HD -> Documents -> From seeed studio -> MotorDriver -> examples -> DCMotorDemo

Inside DCMotorDemo, there is a file called: DCMotorDemo.ino
Inside MotorDriver, I found: examples folder, keywords.txt, MotorDriver.cpp, and MotorDriver.h