Unable to upload sketch to Seeeduino Cortex-M0+

I got the board libraries correctly installed in Arduino. Was able to upload a sketch once but now I get “No device found on ttyACM0”. I see the device connection in dmesg output. Board Info shows “Seeeduino Zero”. I’m on Ubuntu 21.10, Arduino 1.8.19.

Should add that I don’t see ant TX/RX lights flash on the Seeeduino.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Made some progress here. I think part of the problem is that my Reset button is a bit dodgy, so for me this works:

  1. Press reset making sure RST led lights.
  2. Hold for a few seconds release.
  3. Look for pulsating blue LED next to 3V3

In that state seems good to go. Actually, double click on reset (again, making sure LED lights) seems most reliable.