Unable to upgrade firmware

Hello everyone,

  I have a DSO Nano v2 and I was wanting to upgrade the firmware. wehn I go into upgrade mode(holding down down arrow and power up unit) With the device connected to the pc I get "upgrading firmware" message. Is this normal? When I actually upgrade the firmware I still get the original software versions and splashscreen. What is the problem?

OK So 11 views and no one has seen this before?

The “Firmware Upgrading…” message appears as soon as the computer has discovered the Nano. It does not mean anything is going on. While the actual upgrade is taking place, there is no visual feedback on the Nano screen. So this is normal.

But why the upgrade did not take place is hard to say. Look at the dozens of other posts here about troubles with the ST DfuSe Demo on Windows, I am sure this has happened before.

Hi Thanks for the reply. I do get the “Firmware Upgrading” message when connected,but there is no change to the firmware after upgradinig to the BenF firmware. Everything goes smooth with no errors. Does Seeed have a direct email or some way to contact them?

OK guys I finally got it to work. I ended up having to run a registry cleaner and that seemed to solve my problem. I used CCleaner free version.