Unable to update with DFU v3.11C

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since the last time I used my DSO but recent projects made me pick it up again. I find myself with an old version of Gabonator firmware that I would like to update but I found the following problems that you may know how to solve.

HW vers: 2.70
DFU vers: 3.11C
When I pres (>||) and turn the device on it enters DFU mode. If I connect it to Windows 10 it shows a new device but when I try to open it a popup dialog shows with the message “Please insert disk into usb drive”.

Any hint?

Read last post of the thread "update of 2.7B with win10’’ on this forum.

I also have a DS203 with HW version 2.70 and DFU 3.11C. The unit was working right (or as right as you would expect from it) and I tried the dumb thing of upgrading the firmware to what later appeared to me to be intended for a newer HW version.

Can anyone give me precise directions on how to recover my DS203 back to normal operation? I seached the entire internet and don’t seem to find the corresponding complete firmware for it to reload from scratch (.ADR, .BIN, System, and APP)

Would greatly appreciate some help.


Well, you’re not alone. I had a similar mishap recently when I upgraded with a version of Wildcat for 2.81.

I had the marco-sinnati firmware. Sys and App. Loaded that and all was well.

The new 2.81 firmware might be overwriting the sys in some part. I recovered the working of my DSO but the SEEED logo has gone with some pixel dust in place of that. At least that is better than losing the DSO altogether.

This page has nearly all you would need.

In regards to corrupt logo…
Wiki states"

0x3d800 0x3ffff 10240 [b]Logo [/b](bmp, 256x64, 4 bit) Note: The flash base address is 0x08000000, but is mirrored by the chip at 0x00000000 when BOOT0 is low.

I have extracted the logo.hex from DFU_C312-SYS_B160-FPGA_V261-APP_PA1_V111_LOGO-Seeed(BC3B).hex.zip perhaps it will fix your Quad. The logo looks like pic below but you can make it custom.
logo.zip (2.88 KB)

Thanks for that. Fixed the pixel dust :wink: