Unable to save to card

I’m unable to save to a 2 gig sandisk card I just bought at walmart, using 2.40/2.2 and benf 3.61/3.52

anyone know of any utility that could tell me if this card supports SPI ? I’ve tried 5 different cards, all formatted with sdformatter , none work, with the stock firmware the save options are disabled, with benf it says no card when I try to save

I’m running out if ideas

The message “no card” (using BenF firmware) suggests that no SD card is inserted/detected. That is no attempt is made to access the card or in any way check if it is properly formatted and of the right type.

When a card gets inserted, this is detected by the firmware as a logical low level (gnd) on TF connector pin 9 (marked as CDn/SDDT on V2.3 schematic). Most likely, the connector is not making proper contact with the SD card and so it appears as if no card is present. Unless you’re comfortable with DIY electronics repair, you’re probably better off returning the Nano for repair.

I seem to have run into this problem too… I bought mine through a seller in New York, Via eBay. the card is a PNY 2GB Micro-SD, bought at the local Staples store… It would appear, some of these may have a bad SD card slot…

Presently running BenF’s 3.61 firmware. I also get the “SD Err” error… Or, if I turn the device on, holding the “M” key (forces the device into SD reader mode) it claims the SD card needs to be formatted, yet, all attempts to format the card, the formatting window remains dead stopped.


No, this is not the same issue. The answer I gave to “mrblah” above is only appropriate for the error message “No Card” and suggests the card slot on the DSO Nano is the cause (not the card itself).

In your case “SD Err” suggests that the card is present (detected by firmware), but is not of the supported kind or needs formatting. You will find information in the BenF firmware manual on how to resolve this.

I had the same problem with 2GB SD card. The solution is described in BenF manual. In short, you need to install sd formatter utility (I used sdfv2003.exe install file - v2), to format the SD card.

I too had gone out and bought a SanDisk 2G SD card. It was already formatted in the standard FAT and thus i attempted to use it when I was using the BenF v3.1 (I think). The way I got around this problem was to update to the BenF v3.6 which completely eliminated this problem and a few others. I recommend you update the firmware. Hope this helps.
DSO BenF LIB v3.62.zip (366 KB)