Unable to open Reterminal for flashing :(


As indicated on Wiki I have unscrewed the 4 screws on back of it and unclip the back cover to remove it unhappy it doesn’t pop off, it keeps being attached at reterminal around the Touch Panel Interface connector. I can see on diagrams on Wifi there are 3 clips around it but whatever I do I’m unable to get these dam clips to release :frowning: Any ideas how to proceed ? if I continue I think I’m just going to break the back grey plastic :frowning:

Thanks for your suggestions,


It seems difficult to get the backside off, use gentle but a bit more force, I had also the idea that the backplane should break. Just put your finger(s) underneath… BUT be gentle …

Thanks for the trick and yep I got it without breaking it using a little screwdriver beween the back plastic plate and the metal but for sure not easy to remove :smiley: