Unable to get UART Wifi V2 to work with Base Shield v2 and Arduino Uno

I have a Arduino Uno (R3) and am trying to use WIFI (in the end in want to connect to Blynk). I am unable tog et the Grove Wifi to work.

Grove - UART Wifi V2

Grove Base Shield v2 connected to the Arduino Uno

As soon as I connect the UART wifi v2 to the “UART” port on the base shield, I can no longer upload sketches to the arduino. Somehow it is blocking the arduino?

Is the UART port the correct port?


So your real problem is that you can not upload sketches to the Arduino when plugging the wifi grove?

Do not worry, it happens to many groves because of power supply or conflict in Serial Pin, you just need to unplug it and try download again.

Its not that simple: Uploading to arduino is broken 100% when having the wifi in the UART port.

After removing it from UART port arduino uploading immediately works again, but the code will not work.

Note that I did get something working when cnnecting it to the D1 port, but this connection is very unreliable and only works 10% of the time and it will drop the connection after a short time (i also see the wifi API returning corrupt data often)

Long story short:

Does anyone have example code on how these two products -should- work together? (and connected on which shield port?)