Unable to connect to Seeeduino

Hi there,

I wanted to start my first arduino project with a Seeeduino V4.2. So i ordered one, connected with USB mini to my Windows 10 pc and installed the arduino software. But since then, my computer wont find the arduino. I installed the driver, i installed the V4 driver, but nothing. Not in the device list, neither I can chose the port in the software. So, I ordered another one to be sure, that the first one isnt broken. Same problem. Any idea?

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Have you done this step yet : https://dronebotworkshop.com/seeeduino-xiao-intro/

Scroll down to ’ Setting up the Arduino IDE for the Seeeduino XIAO’

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also be sure that you are using a data transfer type c cable and not just a charging one or else it wont be able to communicate with the device if the step above didnt work,if you follow both our advice i assure you the device will be ready to use