Unable to change V/div and time/div on DSO Quad

Hi! Sorry I am asking a very basic question, but I couldn’t figure out how to change vertical and horizontal scales on my DS203. Versions:

  • Hardware Ver V2.70 Serial No:7BE6A482
  • DS203 Mini DSO SYS Ver 1.52
  • DS203 Mini DSO APP (PLUS A1) Ver 1.06
    The 1st line shows “RUN” “DC” “DC” “CH©” “CH(D)”…
    I set the right navigator so the 2nd item blinks.
    With the left navigator I choose it to be “DC”, “AC” or “–”.
    But the 2nd line says “2V” and I found NO way to access this line after hours of fiddling with all the controls and downloading several PDFs on how to use this instrument.
    Just FYI, I am an electronics engineer since 30 years ago, I perfectly know every function of my old delayed-sweep TRC scope, but this Quad is getting out of my nerves.
    I have the impression the firmware is corrupt. Do you suggest downloading a new or same version, or taking some other steps?
    Thank you!

Although it is covered in the manual what is not so obvious is that the two toggle switches have a 3 way action. Left and right acts a bit like a cursor stepping through values etc., but you can also do a downward press as well. This is a little bit fiddly until you get used to it.

You are using one of the original firmware versions and I think the downward press of the left hand toggle switch moves you between the sub-menus. So if you are on a channel then it steps you from AC/DC selection to V/div and then through some other options. Once you are on V/Div then the left right changes values as you would expect.

As stepping through the sub-menus is such a common operation some of the alternative firmwares have moved that operation to the right hand regular button which is might nicer. Downward toggle presses are still used but for more rarely used functions.

Changing the firmware to an alternative like Community or the Wildcat variant is actually very easy and safe and will give you a much better experience in terms of ease of use and much added functionality.

I often criticize, with the diffusion of graphical interfases, people is paying less and less attention to written text. Now, with yout reply, I discover that I am a victim too! Yes, you are right, the manual clearly says “move cursor between upper & lower menus by PRESSING -…+”!!! How could I not realize the answer was there??? Maybe my brain automatically rejected the possibility that a sliding dual-throw switch could also have a pressing function, “it should be a mistake in the translation from Chinese”.
Ok, many thanks, now I am calm to see my toy is alive. You suggest changing the firmware, I have some doubts about this, I will post them in a new topic (after doble checking they are really NOT covered in the manual, hi hi).
Thank you again!