Ultrasonic problem with connect

Hello dear,
Help me please. I bought ultrasonic(seeedstudio.com/depot/ultra- … th=144_149) 2 time and both time it doesn’t work. I’ve look 0 00 on display. I’ve connected it to Arduino Uno very strong. And I used the test scetch. Do you have idea why it is?


I have tested the code, it work fine. Hence, please check the hardware connection , it should be connect to D7 port of Arduino Uno for this demo code. And please check if you have select the right type board before upload the code with Arduino-1.0.


Yes, I check at all but result dosen’t change:( What can i do more? Please!

Sorry for the late reply.

It seems is quality issue , you could directly send email to our QC@seeedstudio.com .
It would be helpful if you provide more details for the defective problems. Picture will be best.