Ubuntu Core on X86J4105?

Has anyone had any success booting Ubuntu Core or one of the official Ubuntu appliances (based on Core) on the Odyssey X86J4105? I’ve been able to write the image to the eMMC, and get to the configuration prompt (network setup, Ubuntu One login, etc), but the prompt seems to crash after a few seconds so I’m never able to complete configuration.

I’ve tinkered with the BIOS settings as best I can but I’ve not been able to get it to work so wanted to see if anyone else has.

EDIT: I think Core uses Subiquity which may be the problem. I’ve only been able to install Ubuntu Server if I use the legacy installer, not the Subiquity-based one. Would love some insight with that one, too.


While I was unable to install Ubuntu Core 18 or any of the appliances (which are currently based on Core 18), I was able to install Ubuntu Core 20 on an NVMe drive without any difficulty.