UartSB - What exactly can this thing do?

Here is what I understand about the UartSB:
It connects to a USB port on a computer with the FTDi chip, adding a serial interface
It is compatible with XBee and Bluetooth, allowing easily to add these serial modules to a computer with USB

Here are the questions I have:
If my device has an FTDI port, is something like UartSB what I need to connect the device to my computer?
What is the ‘ISP bit bang’ element of this device? does UartSB allow for in circuit programming of AVR chips with this header?


If you have FTDI chip on your device already, there is no use for extra UartSB. But if you have uart only and want to connect PC via USB, the Uart SB will help out.

The Bitbang pins could be used for ISP programming. There are details in the product page.

Sorry for not replying in time. :slight_smile: