UartSB v2.2 as USB TTL?

I am just wondering about the possibility of using my seeedstudio UartSB V2.2 to program a peggy 2.0 ( display via the USB TTL headers. I’ve been digging through the specs for both the UartSB I own and the FDTI USB TTL cables. Both run 3.3v, but the UartSB has a pin marked DTR, whereas the cable has CTS and RTS pins. Therefore the UartSB has 5 pins, and the USB ttl is expecting 6 pins in

I was hopeful I can make the USB-TTL solution I have work for programming the peggy 2.0.

Anyone have any advice about this?



Yes, you can use UartSB 2.2 as a TTL Serial Programmer.
You can find the CTS and RTS on the 2x3 Header(near 5pin header free drills).

Have fun!

Hi Albert,

Thanks for the reply. on that 6 pin group, I can find CTS ok, but I’m not sure which one is RTS?
There is: VCC, DSR, OCD, RI and GND.

I’ve narrowed it down to between DSR OCD or RI, but i’m not sure which is RTS?



I am sorry the RTS is not on the 2x3 Header.
You can find it as the picture shows in the yellow area and green mark.

Thanks very much,
Soldered up the headers and a cable to adapt it, and it’s working great!