Uart_SB v2.1 with bluetooth module master slave SPI comm

Refer to this link to see the product I am talking about: … p-572.html

I am using a Uart_SB v2.1 with the master/slave bluetooth module and I want to use bluetooth module to communicate with a microcontroller over SPI. I want to use SPI because my microcontroller doesn’t have a hardware UART. A software UART won’t work because I only have one timer with the microcontroller and I am already using that timer.

I noticed that both the bluecore module, and breakout module provided by seeedstudio is supposed to support SPI. I know how to use the microcontroller to write SPI to the bluetooth, but I am not quite sure how I can read what I wrote to the bluetooth module using my computer and AT commands. Could you please offer a bit more information about the SPI of your breakout module, along with any other relevant information that would help me get this project started?

I want the connections to go something like this
Microcontroller <------SPI------> Bluetooth module <- - - Wireless communication what SPI sends/receives - - -> Computer

The SPI function on Bluetooth module is not supported. You can only use the uart serial port, as the firmware of bluetooth module is the SPP.