u-boot for beagle green

Hi all,

I have a beagle bone green v1 and I want to build u-boot for it by myself. I have refer to many resources but all of these pages don’t work for me. I can’t go to the u-boot command prompt. I have no ideal why, so can you give me a link or instruction to build u-boot then boot from sd card ?

Thanks for your help.


I think you may look here: <LINK_TEXT text=“https://forum.digikey.com/t/beaglebone- … tarted/350”>https://forum.digikey.com/t/beaglebone-blue-getting-started/350</LINK_TEXT>.

And another resource: <LINK_TEXT text=“http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php … Everything”>http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Linux_Core_U-Boot_User’s_Guide?keyMatch=u-boot%20user’s%20guide&tisearch=Search-EN-Everything</LINK_TEXT>.


P.S. If you get stuck, look to the Digi-Key forums or the forums at https://beagleboard.org/discuss. It may have already been answered and posted.

Hi Seth,

Thanks for your support. I will check it.


Hello…did you find any info. worth reading?