Two I2C Motor Drivers (TB6612FNG) for two stepper motor code

Hi, I do not have much experience programming with Arduino and grove I2C Motor Drivers (TB6612FNG). I am looking for help to run two I2C Motor drivers to run two stepper motors independently. Any help is greatly appreciated! If anyone is willing to share the code that they wrote in this case, that would be of great help to me too. Thank you!!

Hi, had you thought of using either an L293 or an SN754410 H bridge driver IC? They are the same pinout, can drive up to 1.5A at a higher voltage than the control inputs. For two stepper motors you can use two ICs but I think it’s possible to drive two steppers with one SN754410 and an inverter IC as there are two half bridges and every time an output from the SN754410 is driven high or low you need the other side of the stepper coil to be driven low or high respectively.

Unless you need all the I/O pins for other things you’ll find this a fairly simple approach. There are examples on the web (search Arduino SN754410) and although I wrote my own stepper driver code I believe you can “include” a stepper library

The following links are not exactly what you’re looking for but you may get some ideas.