Two I2C Motor Driver (TB6612FNG) for two stepper motor

How configure I2C adress in Motor Driver (TB6612FNG)? Default adress is 0x14.
I have two drivers for two stepper motors , and I can’t change the address of one of them.

@biproel setI2cAddr will help you.

Hi :slight_smile:
I have the same problem… want to set new i2c adress on one of them… but I do not understand howe to modify the .ccp? do I connect one of the motordriver and run the script… or…?
Sorry I am noob…

mvh vegar

Found my solution by try an error… :slight_smile:
I used the library #include “Grove_Motor_Driver_TB6612FNG.h” as mentioned above.
then globaly:
MotorDriver motor;

in setup:

In void loop:
motor.setI2cAddr(0x12);//this is the new I2C adress

When i run this once, the adress changed for 0x14 to 0x12, confirmed with i2c scanner :slight_smile: