Two different designs in one order

if i put the fusion service into my shopping cart twice, i will only got one order number. Is it possible to order two different designs in one order? (Not panelization, just two services in one order).
The describtion of the service tells us to use the order nr. for various things (file name, gerber files, silkscreen, eMail) how would i do this, if i wanted to order two different designs with just one number?


Sorry, one service is only for one design. That is because the manufacturing cost is quite different between this 2 process ways. Please understand.

He wants to order TWO designs in the ONE transaction - that’s two different PCBs, not two designs on the same PCB (ie not panellisation).

The problem is that he only gets ONE order number, so how can he distinguish his two designs for two different PCBs with only one order number?

He should indicate in an email that your order is for two PCBs.

Tip: Send the designs in separate files.