Two different boards on one 200mmx100mm board?

I’m a bit confused about panelization rule since in most post regarding panelization I saw general rule that it is allowed but customer must cut boards. So, is it allowed for 200mmx100mm boards? I wanted to create one set of gerber files from embedded board array made from two designs. One board is ~100x118, other board is ~100x80, so they would perfectly fit to a single 100x200 board, with just enough space to cut the boards my self. Is this allowed? Can I send gerber files like this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Milan,

This is the rules of Panelizing:

•There should be no more than 5 sub-boards to fit the size.
•The sub-boards should only be separated by the silkscreen. Using any holes or slots to separate the sub-boards is not permitted.

and the maximum size of panelizing is 10x15cm, so your design is not accepted.