Tutorial: Perform a CURD action using CC3200 LaunchPad

Iot Device always need the internet capabilities. So they can Get/Post some sensor data to/from a web server.
The simple step-by-step tutorial for IOT developers to getting up and running with Low-Energy WiFi device and rest api.
Making you connected things talk to your cloud in 30 minutes.
Here’s the deal: I’m going to show you how to get all of this stuff set up. I’ll be assuming that you’re a full-stack programmer who knows JavaScript/Node.JS/Express/Arduino well enough that I don’t have to explain those. If that’s you, then this should be a solid primer.
Let’s go.

Part1: Writing the Server side code:

var http = require('http');
var express = require('express');
var mongoose = require('mongoose');

var app = express();            

function getTimes(req, res) {
    var now = new Date();
    var hour = now.getUTCHours();
    var minites = now.getUTCMinutes();
    var strHour = hour.toString();
    var strMinites = minites.toString();
    return res.json({ hour: strHour, minites: strMinites });    

app.get('/v1/times', getTimes);

In restful design, all of the resource can be described by URL.
here, we route URL /v1/times to method “getTimes()”
Every time CC3200 Get URL /v1/times, the method will be called.
and a json string will be returned.

Part2: Device side, CC3200 + Energia
Much like Arduino + WiFi shield. But more powerful.

[code]/** perform a Curd to web resource
@param serverIp IP address of the server to connect to
@param serverName Name of the server being connected to. If NULL, the
“Host” header line won’t be sent
@param urlPath Url to request
@param httpMethod CURD http method
@return response body in json string format
String PerformHttpCurd(int httpMethod, const char
urlPath, const IPAddress &serverIp, const char* serverName, const int serverPort) {
String strJson = “”;
int err = 0;
if(httpMethod == GET) {
err = http.get(serverIp, serverName, serverPort , urlPath);
} else if(httpMethod == POST) {
err = http.post(serverIp, serverName, serverPort , urlPath);
} else if(httpMethod == PUT) {
err = http.put(serverIp, serverName, serverPort , urlPath);
} else if(httpMethod == DELETE) {
return “”; //delete is not supported now
} else {
return “”;

if(0 == err) {
    Serial.println(F("StartedRequest OK"));
	err = http.responseStatusCode();
	if(err >= 0) {
	    Serial.print("Got status code: ");
		err = http.skipResponseHeaders();
		if(err >= 0) {
		    int bodyLen = http.contentLength();
			Serial.print("Body len:");
			//implement a timeout approach
			uint32_t timeoutStart = millis(); 
            while((http.connected() || http.available()) && ((millis() - timeoutStart) < kNetworkTimeout)) {
			    if(http.available()) {
				    char c = http.read();						 
					strJson += c;
					timeoutStart = millis();    //we read something, reset the timeout
				} else {
				    delay(kNetworkDelay);       //wait for any response
		} else {
		    Serial.print(F("Fail to skip the response header: "));
	} else {
	    Serial.print(F("Get response failed: "));
} else {
    Serial.print(F("Connected fail: "));

http.stop();           //release web service
return strJson;        //return the http body in json string format


// #end region Call web service [/code]

Gateway program will read its configuration files at startup. We create a yaml file in root directory. Modify the following items to meet your request.

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