Tutorial about GPRS Shield

I want to buy new GPRS Shield from Seeed Studio (seeedstudio.com/depot/gprs-s … e792ed3d9e). But lack of info and tutorial make me hesitant to try it.

There are two very excellent tutorial from tronixstuff about Arduino and GSM cellular i.e.:

  1. Tutorial: Arduino and GSM Cellular – Part One ( tronixstuff.wordpress.com/2011/0 … -part-one/ )
  2. Tutorial: Arduino and GSM Cellular – Part Two ( tronixstuff.wordpress.com/2011/0 … -part-two/ )

Can I apply these tutorial with GPRS Shield from Seed Studio without any modification? Please give me insight, not just short explanation, about compatibility of this shield with cellular shield from Sparkfun.

Thank you very much.

Iwan Suryolaksono

The tutorial of the GPRS shield is under processing… Sorry about that…We will finish it ASAP.
The routine is almost the same, but you still need modification: first the baudrate, our default baudrate is 19200; and each GPRS/GSM module have slight diferent in AT commands and the returns, so you should refer to SIM900_ATC,PDF for details.