Turn-around time to USA (east coast) -- detailed example

I thought I’d post this as a new thread here since the original blog post seems to be getting a lot of search-related hits…

A couple months ago I detailed the turn-around time for a no-frills $9.90 PCB order, and described all the communications and shipping status updates (with dates and times) I saw along the way – from placing the order, through “processing,” “production,” “traceable,” “shipped,” “acceptance,” “processed through sort facility,” “arrival at unit,” and “delivered.”

This should be helpful for new customers in the USA who are anxiously awaiting their PCBs, or potential customers who want to get a good idea of the turn-around time ahead of their order. The folks at SeeedStudio didn’t know I was going to post this, so it’s probably a good example of the typical turn-around time. Here’s where you can find the details:


The simple single-sided PCB for that initial order is shown here: thefrankes.com/wp/?p=2557) arrived in exactly the same amount of time. In the second case, the production time was two days longer and the time in transit was two days shorter.

Hi, I’ve had similar times (3-4 weeks) with my PC boards ordered from Seeedstudio delivered to USA. At this point I generally expect about a week in production, a week in customs (either in Hong Kong or here somewhere in the USA and a bit less than a week in transit. I’ve ordered several batches of boards with no problems - I once received boards with the silkscreen layer messed up due to a change in the Seeed CAM spec that I hadn’t noticed and they replaced my boards at no cost (which was very unexpected - nice!). I am very satisfied customer of Seeedstudio. I’ve ordered from them since 2008 and only that one time ever had any sort of problem!
-Galen (http://www.droidbuilder.com).

I am also very satisfied with the service.
I was ordering a few PCBs to Switzerland (for the company I work for) and had it DHL shipped.
Fastest delivery from sending the files to having them on my desk was 8 days, ordered it on monday and got it on tuesday the next week. I do not know how they do this…
Longest time (also with DHL delivery) was something like 14 days.

I use ITead rather than Seeed (same board manufacturer) and I typically get my boards here in the UK in about 12 days after placing the order. Manufacturing seems to take three days. I’d have thought that Seeed would be faster. as their office is opposite the board factory. I don’t know where ITead is situated, apart from them also being in Shenzhen.

Order time to Illinois, USA is about 13 days DHL and I usually have four designs in my order to just exceed the base weight and it increases the shipping just a few dollars with the additional weight.

So… Who Makes the boards anyway? I though seeed owned a factory I guess not.