Trying to use IrDA on a LoRa E5 DevKit

Hello everybody,

I’m on a project for my studies, and the goal is to read/write some datas with IrDA, and send the datas on y LoRa server.
I started with the code given by seeed studio on gitHub for this Kit and I noticed that this project allows no changes on the .ioc, so it makes my task very difficult, almost impossible for me.
So at the moment, I can send informations on LoRa but I can’t get any with the IrDa.

So I have two questions :

  • Is it possible to modifie the .ioc in this project and if yes, how ?
  • If it isn’t possible, how can I configure the project so I can have the IrDA methods ?

Here’s the project that I used and the only one that I found :