Trying to build a "Hello World" application.

I want to set myself up with a development environment for the DSO Nano that is hopefully winging its way to me now.

My current goal is simply to compile and upload a version of the existing code with “Hello World” added to the power on screen.

If all goes well, I will be working towards a modest, custom software version that is specifically designed as a power strength meter for tuning 125KHz RFID tag reading antennas. (I can describe that later to anyone interested)

At the moment I am not clear of which version of source code and what development environment to use as the base.

As I understand it, the “best” executable is BenF’s 3.2 but (and I firmly believe “his code, his call”) the source is not (yet?) available. That leaves:

“v2.5e for IAR v4.0” which has no source for some libraries
“v1.1 for IAR v4.0” which has all the source code (complete with a long list of bugs)

or I could set myself up for gcc but I presume I would still need IAR to do the reprogramming/downloading.

Is this correct?
Any advice? Suggestions?

A big advantage of gcc is (other than having a free toolchain that runs on Windows, MacOSX and Linux) that there is no code size limitation of 32k (like the IAR kickstart edition), so you have 128k at your disposal without having to manually link smaller binaries (like they do with APP and LIB).

Personally I also dislike that the IAR projects are not compatible between versions so you find yourself with multiple versions installed, and each new release is 10x bigger than the last one.

Now, if you don’t need to change the LIB, basing your work on APP 2.5 sounds like the easiest way at the moment. But basing something on the closed-source LIB 2.5 is kind of a dead end. Sooner or later you will need to change something in the library and you will have to go back to 1.1. I really hope Ben or someone else will change this situation soon :slight_smile: For a quick test, I would recommend using IAR if you already have it set up. I don’t think anyone has successfully recompiled the APP on gcc yet.

Hi ,
Tell you a good news. Thanks for BenF’s firmware and source code. BenF is willing to share the source code. I will release it as soon as possible. At preset, using IAR4.0 is a good way.We still need time to migrate the project to gcc.

That is fantastic news! Looking forward to the publication, and to giving the code some gcc love :slight_smile:

This is great news indeed. Thanks a bunch to BenF for his kind donation, and to Jerry for taking it up!


I just wanted to parrot what Antonio said.

Thanks BenF. You’ve added a lot to this community and stirred up quite a bit of enthusiasm for this beastie.

I can’t wait for my DSO to get here!

Is there a windows IDE version of ARM IAR Workbench 4.0?

If so, where can it be found and will it work with this source code?


Hi ,
You can get IAR4.0 from

Are you allowed to redistribute the IAR software? Last time I got it from their web page I had to register with name and e-mail etc before I could download it.

Sorry,I think it’s not proper,although 32K limit version is free.

Thanks Jerry for the URL, but it has been changed and now fails to provide a V4 download. By the way nothing was improper about this link because it never gave direct access to the files. That page has no download links and all clicks on that page takes you back to V6 pages (they are very secretive about which version any web page reflects). I would suspect that the old V5 pages will do the same. Now I have registered twice for V6 Workbench IDE.

Maybe IAR just doesn’t care about newcomers like me, trying to learn from V4 code, since they know that V5 IDE and V6 IDE will not work; yet they have removed all access to the older versions of kickstart.

I opened an IAR technical request ticket explaining my situation and my need for V4, and patiently await a response.

I am not whining here and need no cheese, so I guess it is back to the DOS version from the Google download page for now.

lygra, the inappropriate link was edited away before you read the post.

This V4/V5/V6 mess is yet another motivation to get gcc working.

Well folks, I just got the EWARM-KS-WEB-442A.EXE by sending a technical request to IAR explaining that I wanted to learn some v4 source code and already registered for v6. They e-mailed me a download link and the license and key information required to activate it.

Just letting others know that this is possible and all is legal. :unamused:

Cool. The point was that redistributing the .exe on your own web site might not be legal…