Trying something very simple?

I give in - completely lost with multiple instructions on the Rainbowduino.

Can anyone help me get started by carrying out a really simple exercise - turn on to white the lower left LED on the 2D array.

I have an Arduino Uno linked to a Rainbowduino V3.0b. My Arduino is connected via USB to my desktop and is loaded with the Arduino IDE.

My Arduino is loaded with a null programme:[code]void setup() {}

void loop() {}[/code]

My Arduino and the Rainbow are interconnected:

TX - RX; RX - TX; Reset to DTR; plus 5v power

Now what do I need to do?

Simple help welcome.

Dear customer,

Our Rainbowduino already has a chip “ATmege” in it, so if you need to control with Cube or Matrix LEDs then just only upload code via USB from PC to Rainbowduino is OK.

But I don’t know what LEDs you need to control, and how you use with Arduino Uno.
So if you provide more detail could be useful.

Best regards,