trouble uploading software

i am newbie with this kind of devices, i got bluetooth stand alone and a xbee to program it…i connect the sensor, copied the code supplied in the wiki page of the bluetooth, when i click upload says “newsoftserial” does not name a type…i saved the script to the same NewSoftSerial folder so the files are all together, anyone could help me uploading this?, any step i am missing?
thanks in advance

hi~ i want to know that if you use Arduino IED 1.0+ or Arduino0023 ?

i am using the latest, arduino 1.0

i managed to install the library…it shows up in sketch/import library, now i get this error:
“conflicting return type specified for ‘virtual void NewSoftSerial::write (uint8_t)’”
any help on getting this thing work?

hi, sorry for the delay, i hope your problem had been solved!
NewSoftSerial can’t use for Arduino 1.0. if you want to use soft serial in Ardino 1.0, you can find SoftwareSerial in my github: