Trigging in SING mode


I experimented with the SING sync mode and can’t get it to work. If I attach the probe to the internal pulse generator I can get it to trigger and I get one new screen everytime I press the R/S button, so far so good. Now I detach the probe, press R/S for it to be ready to trigger on a new pulse and then attach the probe and it does not trigger. It just continues to update the screen like in NONE mode. Shouldn’t it trigg and freeze directly when I attach the probe now?

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now the SING mode is not Edge Trigger but Level Trigger, and the new version of firmware will fix this for adding new trigger way.

I have started working on fixing single-shot capture mode.

  • At the moment I have been able to get it to detect when the trigger event occurs however I haven’t got it to detect the end of the trace (as a result only part of the screen is rendered depending on the time/div setting)

My modified version of the firmware / original code can be found at

But I still not see the difference between edge and level trigger, I mean the level is clearly over the tigger limit so it should fire a trigging and cause the curve to halt?

Adam your firmware is looking cool, I’m really excited about third party firmwares :slight_smile: It was a big reason for me to buy the DSO nano, knowing it will only get better and better :slight_smile: I just hope firmwares will take advantage of each other so we don’t have to switch firmware for each use :frowning: I want the best features of them all :slight_smile: Maybe someone could create a CVS/SVN/[any version control system] repository for everyone to contribute to? Developers could use coding branches which are easily merged when wanted and ideas are quickly shared.

Currently the code uses a LOT of global variables and the main parts are all in main.c or function.c or lcd.c which makes it harder to merge code from other people than if everything was in an individual module / function with local variable.

The current version of the code that I have released doesn’t work properly for much else then single-shot capture (I still need to revert the changes and then merge them in to fix this issue.

One feature that I think will be really nice to have is autoscale (for anyone that hasn’t used a scope with it before - its a button that does almost everything (changes the time base / vols /div and trigger))

Autoscale is nice, its that button that always hads another inviting color like blue, orange or white when every other button was grey, you just had to push it :wink:

Sad to hear that the source code is in that shape :frowning: Btw where does it come from originally and what license is it under? Someone asked on this forum erlier but I don’t think it got any answers.

FreeZinG, is there an updated version to fix this triggering problem? I’m running version 2.02. I just bought the product for pretty much the sole purpose of sampling intermittent signals. Then I was most disappointed to find this documented feature doesn’t work at all. Please provide an update on the status of when this initial product feature will be working. Thank you.

Single shot triggering works fine in the “Paul” firmware - overall much better IMHO than the 2.x branch:


The screen is live when untriggered in “SIGN” (mis-spelling of “SING”) mode, but when the trigger event occurs, the screen freezes with the captured data.

Give it a try - I hope it does what you want, I’ve found it to be very useful in tracking down serial data streams.

PhilSalkie thanks for the advice. I installed the “Paul” code as you suggested and indeed it works very nicely.