Triggering on the rare, non-periodical events

It looks _too bad.
In my case it is a Geiger counter. Signal after shaper. Negative 2-5 uSec pulses arriving every 0.2-3 Sec. (natural background radiation). Level - close to 5v TTL. Triggering on ~1/2 amp.
Problem - triggering occurs only on a single pulse from 20-30.

It looks as if in a series of samples in the FIFO is a large sector of the “dead time” and, statistically, many samples fall into it. Or, may be, another similar effect.

For periodic signals, such as internal generator signal, the effect ceases to be visible. Because of the visual similarity of the periods of signal synchronization failures are imperceptible.

Checked all available firmware. In this respect, they are almost identical.

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Have you tried this viewtopic.php?p=9408#p9408 ?
Use the latest FPGA available (2.6).

Checked all available firmware.
All versions FPGA.
marcosin fw 1.8 also

I have also noticed this terrible shortcoming while trying to capture RS232 bytes at 115Kb from Hyperterminal. Only one keystroke in 5 (or even more) is captured. The Quad software must be spending most of the time in “non capture” mode so it simply misses infrequent events. This even happens with the single frame modes of chip and marcosin and NB! only becomes a problem at the faster timebase rates (eg. 10uS, 5uS, 2uS, 1uS… and faster) Possibly if some of the fancy features like measurements were disabled then the unit would be more responsive.

Did anybody solve this problem with not triggering ?

I have same problem capturing some serial port data which repeats every half second … I can get it with single or normal trigger mode, but it is hard to use it if I want to see what’s going on on some pins.

The triggereing on infrequent events was solved by Wildcat.
The code is on his posting here

Many thanks are due to Wildcat. This made the scope usable for me.