Triggering and Delay

Just unboxed my nano and hooked it up to a 5V Hall Effect signal, a few things I noticed

I’ve tried this thing out for about 20 minutes, and have had to turn it on and off about 3 time. I would get persistent glitches on the screen, they would just be an old part of the waveform that wouldn’t disappear. I’m not talking about infinite persistence, I’m talking about a small chunk of line here and there staying on the screen. I have to turn off the device to remove it.

Also, Auto/Normal- both take about 3 seconds to update any changes I make (I’m changing speed of the motor), not sure why, when I have the device in scan mode I can see it update immediately. I’ve played with the trigger and it seemed not to fix this.

Anyone else have a problem like this? My firmware is 2.02

For glitches, it’s a known bug and under fixing, you could try upgrade to firmware v2.30 or paul’s firmware if possible.

For delaying, please try change the horizontal sensitivity. Thanks!

Tried both Pauls and 2.3 firmware. Paul’s worked pretty good, it was a bit weird to get used to, I should read the manual on that. As for 2.3, it was worse than 2.1 for me, lots of glitches all over and I could barely see the signal, it was just some dots here and there, the weird thing is, I bought two of these at the same time, one for a friend, and his works pretty much perfectly. He got glitches once, but nothing that I see on mine even when viewing the same signal. Not sure what the deal is, maybe I have one of the bad display IC’s?

Glitches should be software induced, we will release a new firmware fixing the issue soon. Before that, maybe you could try re-program the firmware to see it helps?

Yeah, Pauls seems to be working pretty good now. I think the glitching with the new firmware was actually the transparency algorithm introduced. Lets just say, not a fan. I do like the new way the buttons worked though, all the same direction even when going from the top menu to the sides. A lot easier to get used to. I’ll check firmwares frequently. Thanks