Translucent Bus Pirate case


See the original suggestion here: … opic=627.0


Laci: got the idea now, we should drill some small hall for the LEDs. Would it be possible to see the LED lights even in the case?

We might invite some designs, especially Acrylic to be manufactured and distributed. Please suggest, thanks!

I think that the current case that you sell is doomed from a usability standpoint and a complete overhaul is needed to make it really usable. Take a look at to see all the case designs so far.

I’ve just noticed that the best version is already available for sale at although I have no idea how big their stock is or whether they can actually provide the cases.

Maybe you could team up with the guy because it’d be nice to buy everything from Seeed and shipping prices would be much lower.

I agree that we are offering a quite shabby basic case and it has some history. We will talk with the guys to see if they agree to team up with us to sell the cases.

Thanks for the inputs!

Glad to help. Good luck!