Translation Needed! Join us & Get Rewarded!

Currently, all the information about our products and services is in English.

Even though English is the most widely used language, we realize if we could have the info in more languages it would be more accessible and friendly to many community members. And to achieve this, we need your help!

We are not able to make all products/services available in all languages at once. So, we’d like to start with 5 kits and 6 languages. We are looking for community members who are familiar with open source hardware (familiarization of Seeed products is a plus!) to help us with the translation.

To show our appreciation, we will give you up to 200USD Seeed coupons depending on the amount & quality of the translation.

Contents for translation – 5 kits:

[b]- Enclosure (product description, part list etc.)

  • User manual
  • Wiki page[/b]

    Expected languages – 6 languages:

    • French

    • German

    • Japanese

    • Portuguese

    • Russian

    • Spanish

    If you are interested, please contact us by dropping an email to [size=150][/size]. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here!

Is the English text given as a reference for the translation into the respective language?

If not, will the 5 kits be handed out and should we describe the kits in the desired language?

I am your supporter for the german language.

Hi Crail, how are you?

Good to know!

I’ve sent you an e-mail so we can start discussing and talk about my work on translation for Portuguese :wink:

Best regards,

André Curvello

Hey Ingo, nice to e-meet you. Thank you very much for reaching out. Yes, we will provide the English text, and you can translate based on the English version. If you have further questions, feel free to ask here. And please email me and we can proceed. Thank you very much.

Hey Andre, nice to hear from you again. Thank you for supporting us in Ranger program. I will drop you more details in email.