Touchscreen is black


just got my rephone kit, assemble everything and attached the touchscreen - but it’s keeping black & blank:
Is a sim card requiered for touchscreen to work??
Is there an extra switch I have to find to turn it on?

Please help

Stupid me. Forget about it. Everythings working as soon as I insert brain again. :stuck_out_tongue:

So what did you do? I’m having the same issue…

This guy in the video had the same problem and helped me figure it out. It was the audio component facing the wrong way!


I had the same problem (black LED screen).

“Problem” was that I didn’t ACTIVATE the touch screen by touching it!!!

Made the first successful call a few minutes ago.

Charlie in Houston

Same problem here: once the audio module is connected, the screen goes black and unresponsive.

UPDATE: problem solved, I just had to replace the cable.