touchscreen for DSO QUAD

I am playing with the idea of adding touch interface for the DSO. Basic navigation already works for me on PC (for debugging purposes my firmware can be compiled as win32 application), and I was wondering if there is some third party resistive touch screen module that would fit the DSO (placing it on top of front casing). Ideally a panel with UART interface would be great :slight_smile:


Hi Gabriel

I’m not sure if you could get a serial touch screen easily, however, I do remember seeing 2.8"resistive touchscreens at very low costs. Off hand I do not have any links, but, I shall post some soon.

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1 -
2 - … 50874.html
3 - … 08285.html
4 -
is what I got till now

Here is a small update regarding the touchscreen support. Everything seems working and is already implemented in current revisions of the firmware. To test this functionality, you can send messages like “MAIN.Mouse(20,20,0);” or “WND.Message(WND::WmKey, KEY::Left);” overt UART link. I made a small PC application that sends the mouse movement and keystrokes over the bluetooth to the DSO wirelessly. I wanted to add function that transfers DSO’s screen to the PC, but the getpixel function is too slow to use this feature meaningfully.

Getting a whole column at a time is somewhat faster: … draw.c#L97