Touch Not Working

When I run the Eclipse Framework_Touch example (using the LinkIt Assist 2502 SDK 2.0) the project builds without errors but the touch screen doesn’t work.

Looking at the debug monitor I can see that the ctp_goodix_gt9xx_set_configuration is failing.

When I use the touch example on the Arduino SDK the same screen is working fine so I think this is a software problem somewhere (firmware or SDK) rather than a hardware issue.

Can anyone please help me?

I’ve got a great project that I’m really excited about and this is holding me back so if anybody has the answer or has had success using the same project, please let me know!

Many thanks,


UPDATE - A reply in another thread fixed this issue…

Apparently the reset pin was wrongly configured.

Change the following line in tp_goodix_gt9xx.c and then recompile:

const VMUINT8 gpio_ctp_reset_pin = 0;
const VMUINT8 gpio_ctp_reset_pin = 19;