Linkit smart 7688 support duration

We have +50 linkit smart 7688 deployed since 1 year and I have some doubt on the current/future support on this product:

  • OpenWRT 15 is still the latest officiel OS supported whereas it is 3 years old.
  • OpenWRT 18 (with Python3 and latest security patch) is not supported and the WIFI is not working due to missing drivers.
  • Co-manufacturer Mediatek is unreachable: their forum is down, the support contact form has a bug and no other way to contact us.

My question is: do Seeedstudio plan to put effort on maintaining this product or they just sold it “as it” ?

Kind regards,

I’m really sorry that MT7688 is nearing the end of its life cycle.If you want to use this chip in new products, be careful.Seeed wants to focus more on sustainable products in the future.