Too many "To do" Grove sensors for RPI? I may hire an expert to do the libraries/firmware

hi there, I need certain Grovepi+ sensors that are not supported for RPI set as “To do” like:

6 position DIP switch
8 Channel I2C Multiplexer/I2C Hub (TCA9548A)
2 Channel Inductive Sensor (LDC1612)…

Are there any plans to work on the “To do” sensors for rpi?

If not, is there anyone in this community to hire to create these libraries/firmware?

Thanks in advance!!

Let me share the options I have in mind to deal with this:

Option a: hiring a dev to create the libraries the “To do” sensors needed

Option b: getting an Arduino Uno (slave) with grove hat and with python do a serial communication with a rpi board (master)? this is a bit too much but may work?

Option c: I guess simply installing Arduino IDE on rpi will not make the non-compatible Grove sensors compatible?

Sadly, Grove devs seem to have abandoned the RPI developments with un-attended devices, email below:

The only alternative to use them will be with a master (rpi) slave (arduino) system connected via USB

i suggest just do i2c on a Nano or something.

receive the Wire on the Nano and write the Wire to the i2c device
receive the Wire on the Nano from the i2c device and then write the Wire to RPI

i think in theory this will work. (for the RPI to Arduino and back) I2C Between Arduino & Raspberry Pi

thanks for this guy did a USB comm protocol Raspberry Pi to Arduino Serial USB Communication - YouTube more interesting, however, I am in touch with the Grove dev and I hope to convince him or hire him since I prefer using the 8-hub i2p in rpi among other devices without arduino

Didn’t you any of your mentioned sensors. If you do not find anyone suitable here, you can post your requirement in fiverr or freelancer.